About your Pet Physio

Founded by Susan Yuen - Human & Animal Physiotherapist

Animals are a huge part of my life so establishing Physio for Pets fulfills a lifelong dream where I can provide exceptional physiotherapy treatment and care for all pets. I have been qualified for 26 years as a human physiotherapist and have successfully completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy. This enables me to transfer my physiotherapy skills from humans to cats, dogs and horses.

Physio for Pets operates a private practice based in Bibra Lake, Perth offering low stress handling and a relaxed working environment for pets.

My other roles include educating veterinarians, dog trainers and the general public about the role of physiotherapy within pet care and supervising Masters Postgraduate students who eventually become the future pet physiotherapists of Perth. All very exciting ventures.

I share my home with 2 cats - Satsuki, Dandelion (designated dog screener) and a husband. I love horseriding and dabbling in hydroponics.


Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy
BSc (Physiotherapy)
BSc (Biochemistry/ Pharmacology)
Certificate in Equine Sports Massage
Deputy Chair of WA Animal Physiotherapy Group
Member of APA

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